Principi fondamentali
                "Principi fondamentali" tells the dynamics of the synergy of two bodies of which we can see their complicity but simultaneously, we understand their opposite ontological positions. The bodies presented are the result of a process of adaptation to their place of belonging. 
The project is a journey, an analysis of a physical, ethereal, double, territorial identity. The spaces analyzed within the project see an approach of frames that go from the surrounding space seen as a place of action to the interior place, understood as a place of relationship.
The entities, the two principles presented are two sides of the same coin, they belong to each other, they oppose each other, and they find themselves in positions of mutual advantage and disadvantage. 
The first one can see clearly, her road is paved, and the other observes only a part of the whole, a fragment of reality, one creates the form, the other adapts to it, one creates the place, and the other inhabits it.
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